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Platfom: Amazon Japan

Professional Amazon Japan account management and consultation, trust NEGOCIOZ.NET - experts in Amazon sales. Our specialists are committed to fast-tracking your success in Amazon selling.


Are you concerned or uncertain about selling or listing on Amazon?

  • You’re confident in your products but they’re not getting recognized…
  • You don’t have an Amazon strategy expert in your team…
  • The cost-effectiveness of Amazon advertising isn’t working out…
  • Your Amazon sales have hit a plateau…
  • Your products sell on other Amazon sites but not on Amazon Japan…
  • You’re short of manpower to manage your Amazon account…

At NEGOCIOZ.NET, we leverage our proven track record and experience to resolve these issues for you!



Amazon Account Management Services


Product Registration and Page Creation We express the benefits of your products and provide compelling images and text to enhance your competitive edge. We aim to increase click-through rates and conversions, thereby boosting your sales.


SEO Strategy Implementation We strengthen crucial SEO strategies through our unique approach, aiming to achieve best-seller status with techniques that create long-lasting success.


Time Sale Management We'll coordinate with Amazon Japan's representatives, announce the execution of sales, and carefully examine which products and what discount rates will optimize your sales.


Promotion & Review Strategy Execution We'll propose the best promotion strategies tailored to your situation, such as coupons, Prime membership-only discounts, and Vine. We aim to achieve maximum sales increase in the shortest time possible.


Sales Analysis & Performance Measurement We analyze daily sales trends and user data and offer effective strategy suggestions through monthly sales strategy assistance with experienced Amazon sales consultants.


Real-Time Support (Chat & Phone) In Amazon sales, sudden errors can lead to sales suspension. We provide real-time support via chat or phone to minimize lost opportunities.


Three reasons why our Amazon Account Management Services are chosen


We have numerous consultants who were former Amazon sellers! Many of our consultants are former or current Amazon sellers and e-commerce business owners. They understand the realistic and gritty strategies and tactics needed to guide your Amazon business to success. Our experienced consultants propose sales strategies on the front lines to boost your sales in the shortest possible time. We also offer free consultation with our professional consultants.


You can trust our proven track record in supporting Amazon businesses! Our decade-long accumulation of data in Amazon promotional support, operation management, and account management has been recognized. We back your Amazon sales strongly with Amazon Japan’s robust support and unique sales strategy proposals gained from our services. We contribute to the realization of quick sales increase.


Performance-based remuneration & cheaper fixed cost compared to other companies! Our minimum monthly charge starts from 50,000 yen! Also, for clients using Amazon’s FBA, we offer contracts at 1-6% of sales. We can register more products than other companies, and provide more support for a significantly cheaper cost. We at NEGOCIOZ.NET offer Amazon sales support that delivers your products to a larger audience. Share your Amazon situation with us in a free consultation!



The flow of our Amazon Account Management Service



We’ll hear about your current situation, including product information, sales destinations, sales, promotional expenses (monthly budget), current advertising types (SP/SB/SD), and advertising cost-to-revenue ratio (ROAS/ACoS).


Strategy Formulation

Planning Based on your current situation, we’ll develop improvements for product pages, product images, KW design, product descriptions, and other SEO strategies. We will then consider an Amazon advertising strategy.


Action Implementation

We’ll implement measures focused on product registration, SEO strategy, and advertising operation (like Sponsored Ads), along with various promotions, sales, coupon review strategies, and influencer engagement.


Effect Verification & Regular Reporting

We will provide documentation of the results of the measures implemented and schedule monthly hour-long meetings for numerical reporting and improvement suggestions.


PDCA Cycle

PDCA Cycle Based on your requests and the results of our measures, we propose and implement improvement measures according to your KPI/KGI. By rapidly spinning the PDCA cycle, we find the best operation method for you.


Refining Your Business Goals

We reassess your initial objectives based on the results from implemented strategies. We determine how well these goals have been achieved and identify any new objectives that have arisen. With a clear view of your business’s current position, we collaborate with you to refine future goals and expectations.


Choose Your Pricing Plan



/ Month

Initial cost $0
Minimum monthly fee $500
Sales Commission $0



/ Month

Initial cost $0
Minimum monthly fee $1500
Sales Commission – 1-6%



/ Month

Initial cost $0
Minimum monthly fee $5000
Sales Commission – Contact Us

Maximize Your Amazon Success:

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Our Expert Team! Our Amazon Account Management Service, you can “resolve your resource shortage” and completely delegate your Amazon operations. As long as you take care of account creation, granting permissions, and delivering inventory, our Amazon operation experts will handle almost all the tasks. This includes attractive product registration, SEO strategies, daily sales trend confirmation, promotional strategy proposals, sales execution, and even advertising operations (up to a monthly advertising cost of 50). For those lacking Amazon knowledge or whose sales are slumping, our service allows you to leave your Amazon operations in the hands of professionals without lifting a finger.

How can we help you?

We’re Providing Best Solutions For Your Business.

Account management

Overwhelmed by managing your Amazon account? Products not getting recognized? Sales plateauing? We understand. Let us turn your worries into success with our proven strategies at NEGOCIOZ.NET.

Ads Campaign Management

Struggling to boost your Amazon Japan sales with PPC ads? Frustrated with high ACoS? We get it. Let's turn your Amazon campaigns into profit engines with our expertise.

Listing Content Writing

Amazon's large catalog is one of its biggest benefits for both buyers and sellers. With over 500 million products in stock, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.

Account & Listing Issues

Stuck with Amazon Japan account & listing issues? Feel lost in the complexities of the platform? We feel your pain. Let's navigate this together with our expert support.

Catalog Image Creation

Struggling to create captivating product images for your Amazon Japan catalog? Wish you could instantly grab attention and increase conversions? We've got you covered at our plan.

Professional EBC A+ Designs

Want to enhance your Amazon listing with stunning, eye-catching EBC A+ designs? Struggling to captivate shoppers' attention? We craft the most eye-catching & thumb-stopping Design; giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.

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