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Get Your Amazon Japan Seller Account Back in Action with Professional Support

We specialize in helping sellers challenge suspensions and reinstate their accounts. Our top-tier appeal services aim to have you back selling ASAP.

Benefit from our Refund Assurance:

Depending on your case, we offer a 100% refund guarantee if Account Not Reinstated. Trust in our proven and dependable appeal process. Plus, if you need to appeal again for the same issue, it’s entirely free.

Connect with the Experts:

Seek guidance for all seller suspension types. With our 100% refund promise, get your seller account back on track. Our custom-tailored action plan awaits you.


Features and Benefits

  • Personalized Assistance: Receive tailored solutions for your specific account and listing issues, saving you time and frustration.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of selling on Amazon Japan.
  • Account Reactivation: Get help in reactivating your account and regain access to the lucrative Japanese market.
  • Account Health Monitoring: Stay on top of your account’s performance and avoid potential suspension or deactivation.
  • Language Support: Overcome language barriers with our bilingual support team who can communicate directly with Amazon Japan on your behalf

Who Should Use Our Amazon Appeal Services?

If you’re facing an Amazon seller account suspension, our experienced team is here to assist.

Your Partner in the Amazon Japan Marketplace:

The marketplace presents many challenges. We’re here to partner with you, ensuring your account’s stability and growth. Whether you need help with suspension appeals, boosting sales, or maintaining account health, our seasoned team has the expertise. Join us for a more successful seller journey.

Features of Our Service

Suspension Appeal

Is your account suspended? Stay calm! We'll craft the optimal action plan to reinstate your account, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Account Health Check

Concerned about your seller account's performance? We're here to guide you, ensuring it adheres to Amazon's account health standards.

Boost Your Sales

Struggling to meet sales expectations? Let us uncover the underlying issues and provide insights to enhance your sales performance.

Suspension Prevention

Why risk suspension? We'll assist you in addressing all policy concerns and alerts, ensuring your account stays in good standing.

How We Work

Step. 1

Submit form or Message us.

Step. 2

FREE Consultation & Agree Plan of Action

Step. 3

Submit the Plan of Action

Step. 4

Start selling again

Why Trust Us?

We assist in navigating all forms of seller suspensions. Our commitment? If we can’t get your seller account reinstated, we offer a 100% refund guarantee. Let us tailor-make a plan of action specific to your situation.

Let us guide you back to successful selling on Amazon.


“I was completely stuck with my deactivated account, but with their help, I was able to reactivate it and start selling again. Their expertise and support made all the difference!”

John D.

“I was at a loss when my account was suspended, but Support Teams came to the rescue. They guided me through the appeal process and provided valuable advice on preventing future suspensions. Thanks to their expertise, my account is now fully reinstated!”

Mark H.

“I was struggling to communicate with Amazon Japan due to language barriers, but thanks to the services provided by Support Team, I was able to effectively communicate my concerns and get the assistance I needed. Their bilingual expertise made all the difference in resolving my issues promptly. I highly recommend their support!”

Richard B.

“I encountered a major inventory management problem that was affecting my sales, but Support Team provided me with a step-by-step solution that resolved the issue promptly. The team’s knowledge and efficiency exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for their assistance!”

Samantha L.

“As a non-Japanese speaker, I faced significant challenges in communicating with Amazon Japan. However, Support Teams was a lifesaver. Their team bridged the language gap and ensured that my messages were accurately conveyed to the support staff. I am grateful for their support and would highly recommend their services to fellow non-Japanese speakers!”

Daniel R.

“I had been facing recurring issues with my account settings, but Support Teams helped troubleshoot and resolve all the technical glitches. Their attention to detail and quick response time saved me a lot of frustration. I highly recommend their professional services!”

Jennifer T.

About Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in navigating the complexities of selling on Amazon Japan. We have helped numerous sellers overcome account and listing issues, unlocking their full potential on the platform. Our expertise and personalized support set us apart, ensuring your success in the Japanese market.


A: Absolutely! This is the first step. We investigate your account and performance at intricate levels so that we can offer you the most appropriate advice.

A: As a partner, we provide you with the best analysis service and an appeal for your account. However, due to the nature of the business and industry, we cannot manipulate the outcome from the end.

A: We guarantee that we will make our best possible efforts into submitting your appeal in trying towards getting you reinstated but unfortunately; we can’t ensure that Amazon approves it.

A: If you follow our instructions and do not implement any changes in the appeal documents, we assure you a money-back guarantee depending on the case and your account status. Appeals process can go up to 15 rejections. We value our time and your time, if we think the account cannot be reinstated, we will stop working on the case and issue you a full refund. It will be our decision when to conclude the case.

A: We shall continue handling the appeal for your account until your account has been re-instated. This will include all the consecutive responses that demands regarding your account suspension and activation. We do a thorough check-up for every reply from and correct the mistakes so that you are back in action in no time. The best part – we only charge you once!

A: Although the service depends on individual cases, we very well understand time is money and do our best to deliver your appeal within 24-72 hours after investigation. Takes 1-7 days to deliver a response, and we cannot control their response time. From our experience, Accounts have been reinstated in an hour, a day, a few days and up to 90 days.

A: Once your account has been reinstated, we are out of the contract. It can suspend the account again for any other violations. Service is limited to one suspension only.

A: Alteration of the appeal

– Not complying with the points listed in the appeal. (e.g. deleting particular listings or making changes)
– Incomplete information-sharing regarding your account.
– Incomplete or inaccurate information about invoices, suppliers, authorization, etc.
– Sharing our appeals on online forums, web chats, or other public domains without our written consent
– Going against our recommendations for contacting Amazon or re-submissions
– If we reinstate your account and the account gets suspended again for similar reasons, we cannot guarantee that your account will be re-activated.
– Ceasing communication with us before your account queries has been activated or resolved.

A: It can take less than 24 hours or it could take longer depending on your situation and the complexity of your suspension.

A: Customarily delivers a response within 1 – 7 working days, but through the experience, we have also seen responses to take up to 1 – 3 weeks.

A: Yes, there are several reasons behind still being able to reinstate your account. While it is more difficult we promises it can be done.

A: Yes, there are several reasons behind still being able to reinstate your account. While it is more difficult we promises it can be done.

A: Yes, we can still help you reinstate your Amazon seller account.

A: The first step is to submit your account to us for evaluation. Our team of in-house experts shall perform an overall audit to identify what went wrong. After identification of the problem, we further discuss and decide on the best overall strategy to pursue for your appeal process.

A: You can pay through Stripe our payment provider. This adds security to all your transactions through our payment system.

A: We can never share any detail of another customer’s appeal process, including their company’s name and personal detail. We understand confidentiality is of the essence in such situations, and our team of on-board specialists is only allowed to share your name after getting your permission for a referral.

A: No, our process does not require you to give us access. We send you the appeal electronically via email. However, if you decide that you would like us to take care of the entire appeal process by user access permission, this can be possible for an additional fee.

A: After your account has been suspended or banned, it is very tough to appeal and to get a human to decide whether to reinstate your account. Luckily, with our years of expertise, we have accumulated numerous contact emails of relevant personnel and we are well-versed in communicating with them to expedite the process. However, it is important to realize that none of these solutions work for every scenario. Each scenario requires a different strategy, and our team decides upon the best possible path before submitting your appeal.

A: Yes! Whether it has been suspended for a couple of days or even years, if you can still access your Amazon seller central account, we can appeal it.

A: This is not a one-size-fits-all situation. You cannot just copy a format off the internet and submit an appeal. With our appeal process, you shall be getting a complete detailed requirement-based tailor-made appeal that has been written by professionals with numerous years of experience and hundreds of reinstatements for clients under their belts. The language of your appeal is key towards getting you reinstated, let our professionals handle it for you.

How can we help you?

We’re Providing Best Solutions For Your Business.

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Listing Content Writing

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