Mastering Amazon Japan: An SEO Approach to Massive Sales

“What does Amazon’s search algorithm entail?”

“I want to rank higher in Amazon’s search results and increase my sales!”

Are these some of your concerns?

Hello! We are NEGOCIOZ.NET, a professional consulting company specializing in Amazon!

The truth is, the specifics of Amazon’s search algorithm are not officially disclosed.

However, through trial and error, we have identified crucial points to focus on.

As a company, we have numerous examples of ranking higher in Amazon search results, so we would like to share the knowledge and expertise we have cultivated so far about Amazon’s search algorithm.

If you are looking to tackle Amazon’s SEO, we hope this article will serve as a valuable guide.

We, NEGOCIOZ, have numerous examples of significantly increasing our clients’ sales within a year.


We will share based on the experiences and insights we’ve gained that have led to increased sales, so please read on!

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What is Amazon's SEO?

Amazon’s SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization within Amazon.

Simply put, it’s a mechanism for accurately displaying the product information that users are searching for within Amazon.

When you hear SEO, many of you might imagine Google’s Search Engine Optimization.

However, Amazon’s SEO and Google’s SEO utilize different algorithms, so please be aware of this.

If you want to rank higher in Amazon’s search results, you need to master Amazon’s SEO.

What is Amazon's Search Algorithm 'A10'?

As previously stated, Amazon uses a unique search algorithm that differs from Google’s.

This is the ‘A10’ search algorithm.

The ‘A10’ is the latest version of the ‘A9’ that was used until recently.

Although the details of the ‘A10 (A9)’ algorithm are not disclosed, the following factors are said to influence search rankings:

  • Number of sales (in the most recent week)
  • Search keywords
  • Product price
  • Product page
  • Use of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)
  • Number of product reviews
  • Inventory holding rate
  • Conversion rate

By implementing the above measures, you can increase the likelihood of appearing higher in Amazon’s search results.

In this article, in addition to strategies for ranking higher in SEO, we delve into how to improve conversion rates, so please be sure to read through to the end!

Strategies to Rank Higher in Amazon's Search Algorithm

So, how can we actually secure higher search rankings? Let’s introduce some recommended strategies.

Setting an Appropriate Product Price

In the “A10” algorithm, setting the appropriate product price has become a significant factor in determining search rankings.

The term “appropriate” price refers to whether the price aligns with the market price considered by Amazon.

For instance, if a product already selling for 1,000 yen is listed by a new seller at 10,000 yen or 100 yen.

If an extreme price is set, there is a risk that the product information may not be displayed to users. Be careful.

You should set a price based on the prices of the same or similar products that are already appearing high in the search results.

Properly Setting Search Keywords

Setting search keywords is the basic foundation of SEO.

If the keywords aren’t set correctly, you can’t even get your desired users to search for your product.

Also, Amazon tends to emphasize the relevance of the set keywords to the product. Therefore, setting keywords that aren’t directly related to the product might lower the SEO rating.

During product listing, you’ll set up things like the product title and brand name. Make sure not to include keywords that aren’t directly related to the product.

For instance, terms describing the product’s state like “crispy” or “crunchy” may seem relevant, but since they’re not directly related, you should avoid them.

Avoid Running Out of Stock

Amazon values user convenience, and stock availability is heavily linked to user convenience.

In fact, there’s a system where products in stock are prioritized for higher search rankings.

Therefore, it’s important to prevent stock-outs.

For stock checking, Amazon provides an “Inventory Management Tool“. Using it can help you understand the number of items available for sale and how many items need to be restocked, reducing the risk of stock-outs.

There’s also an option to outsource inventory management to a delivery agent.

Delivery agents are services that perform tasks such as labeling, packing, and shipping to the FBA warehouse for you.

While there will be a fee, having a specialist manage it can reduce the hassle of inventory management.

Utilize FBA

Although you can do self-shipping on Amazon, using FBA gives you an advantage in terms of Amazon SEO.

(Image Source: Amazon)

The image above shows the screen displayed when you search for “snacks” on Amazon.

You can see that the “prime” mark is displayed on product pages using FBA (also in the case of Amazon Marketplace Prime), and the “prime” mark is attached to all of the top 1-4 search results. (As of July 20, 2023)

The reason for this is, as mentioned earlier, Amazon prioritizes user convenience.

But why does using FBA lead to an easier improvement in SEO rating?

That’s because FBA is a service provided uniquely by Amazon, aimed at enhancing user convenience.

Therefore, using FBA can improve user convenience, and you can appeal to Amazon that your product is user-friendly.

Of course, the goal is not just to appeal to Amazon; it actually does enhance user convenience.

For example, products using FBA are eligible for Amazon Prime, and you can offer shipping services available to Amazon Prime members such as “One-Day Delivery” and “Same-Day Delivery“.

Furthermore, the “prime mark” on the product page can help gain user trust.

The conversion rate will increase, leading to further improvement in SEO rating.

Increase Sales (Number of Sales) by Using Amazon Ads

In Amazon’s SEO, products with a higher number of sales in the last week tend to appear higher in search results.

Therefore, by increasing recent sales through advertising, you increase the chances of being displayed higher up.

Amazon Ads are displayed even higher than the search results, so you can expect a higher click-through rate.

Increase Product Reviews

On Amazon, product pages with a high number of reviews tend to rank higher.

In fact, if you try a search, you’ll notice that the rankings appear in order of the number of reviews.

Product pages with a high number of reviews secure top search rankings (Citation: Amazon)

Actually, there are ways to increase the number of product reviews.

Of course, we’re not talking about methods such as falsifying or hiring shills.

Amazon provides systems and programs that can be utilized to increase the number of product reviews.

It's Not Enough to Just Rank High in Search! Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Increasing sales is essential for ranking high in search results.

You might feel a bit of a dilemma when you hear that it’s important to increase sales when you’re trying to master SEO.

However, things like the conversion rate of product pages and the number of sales in the past week actually do affect SEO, which means that sales are highly valued in Amazon’s SEO.

Therefore, what you should be focusing on is improving the conversion rate of your product pages.

The conversion rate is, in simple terms, the percentage of visitors to your product page who end up making a purchase.

For example, if 100 people visit your product page and 20 of them make a purchase, the conversion rate is “20%”.

Here are four strategies to improve that conversion rate:

  • A. Enable zoom function on product images
  • B. Use sub-images to showcase the appeal of your product
  • C. Use product specifications, product descriptions, and product introduction content to showcase the appeal of your product
  • D. Win the cart box

Let’s look at each one in detail!

A. Enable zoom function on product images

In Amazon, where you can’t check the actual product, product images are an important factor for users to make decisions.

In Amazon, if the image size is 1000 pixels or more, you can use the zoom function, allowing users to enlarge and check the product.

You can use the zoom function if the image is 1000 pixels or more, but we recommend 1600 pixels or more.

That’s because the image will be clearer when zoomed in if it’s 1600 pixels or more.


B. Use sub-images to showcase the appeal of your product

Sub-images are images to which you can add decorations.

While the main image has to be on a white background, you can create sub-images freely.

(Citation: Amazon)

The image above is the main image and sub-image of the same product.

With sub-images, it’s okay to change the background, and you can decorate with text and colors.

If you can showcase the appeal of your product well with this sub-image, you can increase the purchase rate of your product.

C. Use product specifications, product descriptions, and product introduction content to showcase the appeal of your produ

The product’s allure can be communicated not just through images.

On Amazon, you can describe and highlight your product’s appeal using three types of text content:

  • Bullet point
  • Product descriptions
  • Product introduction content (A+ text)

[Bullet point]

(Source: Amazon)

Product specifications are content where you can itemize your product’s features and highlights in bullet points.

Since it appears slightly down from the top of the product page, it’s easily noticeable, allowing you to promote your product’s features.

[Product descriptions]

Product descriptions are content where you can detail your product’s description.

Compared to product specifications, it is preferable to encapsulate your product’s features and highlights in concise sentences.

Furthermore, many product pages also contain details about the product’s ingredients or components.

[Product introduction content (A+ text)]

(Source: Amazon)

Product introduction content (A+ text) is content where you can communicate your product’s appeal with images and text.

Compared to product specifications and product descriptions, this is a more effective area to promote your product’s appeal.

In fact, it has been announced in Amazon’s Seller Forum that:

Introducing Premium Product Introduction (A Plus) content can potentially increase sales by 20%. (Source: Amazon Seller Central)

Product pages are divided into those with product introduction content and those without, but to increase the conversion rate, it’s recommended to include it.


D. Secure the cart box

Securing the cart box is an indispensable element for increasing sales on Amazon.

That’s because, on Amazon, there’s a one product-one page rule, and if you’re listing the same product as other sellers, it becomes a form of “piggybacking.”

In piggybacking, only one product is displayed at the top of the product list, and other products are minimally displayed under “Also available from these sellers.”

(Source: Amazon)

So what does securing the cart entail?

It refers to securing the “Add to Cart” button.

(Source: Amazon)

Most visitors to the product page purchase by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Securing the cart greatly affects sales in Amazon, so it’s vital to get this right.

In summary, to improve the conversion rate, you should:

  • Enable zoom functionality on product images
  • Utilize sub-images to showcase the product’s appeal
  • Employ product specifications, descriptions, and product introduction content to promote the product’s appeal
  • Secure the cart box

However, there are still many other points to consider.

If You Want to Increase Sales Fastest and Shortest, We Recommend Account Management Services

SEO strategies are important to increase sales, but it can take a while to rank high in search results.

However, some businesses might have roughly set sales targets and timelines.

“We don’t want to waste time or money!”

“We want to increase sales within the set period!”

If you’re facing these concerns, using account management services can be effective.

Account management services are services where professionals familiar with Amazon sales handle everything from product listing to creation of product pages, promotional activities, and complete operation of your Amazon seller account.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Delegating Account Management

What could be the pros and cons of delegating your account management?

Let’s start with the advantages.


The advantages include:

  • You can delegate everything from product listing to customer support
  • You can greatly shorten the time to increase sales
  • You can consult immediately if you have any questions

These three points can be mentioned.

A: You can delegate everything from product listing to customer support

The first advantage is that you can delegate almost all tasks related to Amazon sales.

This reduces the burden significantly, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Even if you lack in-house resources, you can smoothly increase sales on Amazon.

B: You can greatly shorten the time to increase sales

With account management services, because you can delegate to professionals with a proven track record, you can increase sales without having to learn Amazon know-how and strategies.

This makes it possible to greatly shorten the time to increase sales.

In addition, it can also reduce personnel costs for hiring and training Amazon-savvy personnel.

C: You can consult immediately if you have any questions

With account management services, you can also receive advice and support on Amazon sales via email or chat, so if you have any questions, you can immediately consult and solve them.

You can save time researching from scratch, allowing for efficient use of time.


Next, let’s talk about the disadvantages.

The disadvantages include:

  • There are costs involved
  • You might not develop Amazon-savvy personnel

The two points above can be mentioned.

A: There are costs involved

When you delegate to account management services, monthly fees, handling charges, margins, etc., will be billed.

Therefore, compared to managing in-house, the profit margin may decrease.

However, by delegating to account management services, you can expect an increase in profits from increased sales beyond the current level.

B: You might not develop Amazon-savvy personnel

Another disadvantage is that you might not develop Amazon-savvy personnel.

By delegating to account management services, even without knowledge or know-how of Amazon sales, you can increase sales, but on the other hand, you might not develop personnel skilled in Amazon, or accumulate in-house know-how, which can be a challengeA

What is NEGOCIOZ's Account Management Service for Fastest and Shortest Sales Maximization?

On Amazon, where it is said that purchases from searches account for 70% of total sales, it is only by implementing numerous measures and optimizations other than SEO that you can significantly increase sales for the first time.

At NEGOCIOZ, we have prepared various measures to maximize sales in the fastest and shortest time.

Below is the account management menu provided by NEGOCIOZ.

Account management

Overwhelmed by managing your Amazon account? Products not getting recognized? Sales plateauing? We understand. Let us turn your worries into success with our proven strategies at NEGOCIOZ.NET.

Ads Campaign Management

Struggling to boost your Amazon Japan sales with PPC ads? Frustrated with high ACoS? We get it. Let's turn your Amazon campaigns into profit engines with our expertise.

Listing Content Writing

Amazon's large catalog is one of its biggest benefits for both buyers and sellers. With over 500 million products in stock, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.

Account & Listing Issues

Stuck with Amazon Japan account & listing issues? Feel lost in the complexities of the platform? We feel your pain. Let's navigate this together with our expert support.

Catalog Image Creation

Struggling to create captivating product images for your Amazon Japan catalog? Wish you could instantly grab attention and increase conversions? We've got you covered at our plan.

Professional EBC A+ Designs

Want to enhance your Amazon listing with stunning, eye-catching EBC A+ designs? Struggling to captivate shoppers' attention? We craft the most eye-catching & thumb-stopping Design; giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.

At our company, we strategically combine the above menu according to our client’s circumstances and implement measures to maximize sales.

In fact, the menu we offer is essential to maximize sales on Amazon.

To put it bluntly, to maximize sales, it’s necessary to implement multiple strategies like the ones we provide.

“Do I have to do all these things?”

“I thought it would be enough to master SEO…”

You might think this way, but given Amazon is Japan’s largest EC site, there are many competitors, and half-hearted measures may only generate costs and not lead to sales.

However, implementing all these measures by yourself might be costly and put pressure on your internal resources.

The solution to these challenges is NEGOCIOZ’s Account Management Services!

Case Study: Car Accessory Client Increased Sales by 175.59% in 8 Months

So, what kind of results can be achieved?

“Can I really maximize sales?”

“What’s the timeframe for ‘fastest and shortest’?”

You may have these doubts, so let me introduce a case study from one of our clients.

This is the case of a client who sells car accessories.

This client managed to increase sales from approximately 5.49 million yen to around 9.64 million yen in 8 months.

The strategies implemented were the following five:

  • SEO optimization
  • Review strategies
  • Image optimization
  • External promotional strategies
  • Ad operation optimization

By strategically combining multiple strategies like the ones above, you can achieve a significant increase in sales in a short period of 8 months, as in the case of this client.

“I want to increase sales fastest and shortest, I need your support!”

“I need someone to manage it because we don’t have Amazon-savvy staff!”

If you’re thinking along these lines, please feel free to contact us at NEGOCIOZ!


How did you find this?

While the search algorithm of Amazon is not officially announced, we do understand the trends to appear at the top in SEO.

In this article, we explained the key points to rank higher in Amazon SEO.

If you’re struggling with your product pages not appearing and not leading to sales despite listing, let’s deepen your understanding of Amazon’s search algorithm through this article!

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